High volume hiring made easy

occy is the end-to-end recruitment platform that can actually find candidates for recruiters in volume and hourly hiring. Our software helps you succeed by sourcing candidates and managing pipelines for better results, faster.
What is Occy

How occy helps

occy combines an ATS with talent attraction tools to give your recruiters a truly end-to-end solution. This helps your hiring team to get better results, save costs and creates a better experience for everyone involved

Lower cost-per-hire

Using optimised job posting, time-saving automations, and so much more, see your cost-per-hire significantly reduce.  

Automations added into various parts of your hiring process means your time-to-hire no longer needs to be a worry! 

Better candidate attraction with optimised job postings and job advert copywriting gets your roles filled quickly and effectively.  

We’re all about saving your recruiters time spent on repetitive admin work. This means your hiring team can focus on getting better results, and save costs along the way.  

Attract the candidates you need

With reliable candidate sourcing

Hiring frequently means higher spend on advertising roles and attracting applicants. occy’s candidate sourcing tools help you optimise your attraction process and keep your pipeline filled with quality candidates.

Job advertising

Advertise your jobs across multiple channels in the most cost-effective way.

Job copywriting support

Write job adverts optimised to turn views into applications.

Overcome repetitive admin

With hiring automation

Time spent on repetitive admin work like posting jobs and screening candidates eats into your recruiters’ time and budget. occy’s automation tools cut down over 600 hours of admin per customer!

Automated job campaigns

Set up automations in each stage of your hiring pipeline, including advertising roles when you need them.

Smart screening & filtering

Auto-decline unsuitable candidates and let occy do your background and reference checks for you.

Create a better experience

With completely digital journeys

The volume hiring experience can feel impersonal, slow and downright frustrating for candidates and recruiters. occy solves this by creating super fast, personalised digital journeys everyone loves.

Mobile optimised & remote hiring

Optimise your hiring to fit the lifestyle of modern candidates and recruiters.

Automated, personalised journeys

No more slow, repetitive manual processes. Speed up your hiring journey without losing the human touch.

Improved results

With powerful reporting tools

One of the biggest issues recruiters face is lack of visibility over results. occy’s hiring analytics software demonstrates exactly where we help you reduce costs, improve fill rates, and so much more!

Accurately track cost-per-hire & time-to-hire

Measure your most important KPIs to report back to your team.

DE&I metrics available

Full visibility over who you're attracting to work with you.

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