Why Is the Subsidiary Company Feature from occy Ideal For Manufacturing Companies?

Why Is the Subsidiary Company Feature from occy Ideal For Manufacturing Companies?

A subsidiary company is the name given to a collection of operating assets managed by a parent or holding organisation. They are a popular solution for streamlining operations across manufacturing as it allows focus to be paid to parts of a supply chain. Another reason they are popular in the sector is the acquisition of new subsidiaries is often the main method for scaling. 

Our subsidiary feature which allows easy management of hiring campaigns and decision making across sites. In this article, we will explore this new addition to our software plus shed some light on why it’s a brilliant solution for manufacturing companies.

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What Is The Subsidiary Company Feature?

Before we let you know why this feature is perfect for manufacturing companies, let us briefly introduce you!

For businesses that have multiple locations or branches, recruitment can be a tricky task. The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • When a company expands into a new location or operates subsidiaries in different regions, it may be unfamiliar with the local job market dynamics and talent pools. 
  • Coordinating multiple hiring campaigns can be tough for one person to manage. 
  • Company reputation, values, and culture may not be as well-known or established in new locations, which could affect the ability to attract top talent.
  • Integrating new hires from different subsidiaries into the larger organisation and fostering collaboration can be a challenge. Ensuring effective communication channels, providing opportunities for knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration, and promoting a unified company culture can help overcome these challenges.


To address these challenges, we have created a solution which unites efforts on one platform. All manufacturing hiring managers have to do is set up a subsidiary in our platform. The business can then switch between different parts of the company and share job templates. Additionally, automations and workflows can be shared to make recruiting easier. This means that performance can be viewed at a glance. Furthermore, hiring managers can take control of bringing in talent for multiple manufacturing sites without being stretched as a resource. Furthermore, talent and recruitment specialists get to view performance and set best practices across the organisation. 

Click the link to learn more about our subsidiary companies’ feature.

Why Should Recruitment Campaigns Consider the Needs of Different Subsidiaries Across Manufacturing?

Recruitment campaigns should consider the needs of different subsidiaries for several key reasons. 

Firstly, considering the needs of different subsidiaries allows for more effective communication. Additionally, by tailoring recruitment campaigns to each subsidiary, recruiters can use targeted messaging. In addition,  preferred communication channels and local language preferences can be used to better connect with candidates. This personalised approach increases the chances of capturing the attention and interest of qualified candidates. The result? More accurate and quicker hiring. This may also look different across various subsidiaries regarding the tone of voice of information that needs to be shared. By having templates created and ready to use, hiring managers can ensure that only suitable manufacturing talent is attracted with each new campaign. 

Adapting recruitment campaigns to the needs of different manufacturing subsidiaries can provide a competitive advantage in attracting top talent. Whether looking for individuals who are ideal for working on a production line or those who manage the operations, tailoring the messaging and positioning of the job opportunity will be more appealing to candidates. This can lead to a higher response rate and greater interest from candidates compared to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Finally, this targeted approach helps attract candidates who are better equipped to contribute to the subsidiary’s success in various locations.

Benefits Of Managing Hiring Campaigns By Subsidiaries

Now you know the challenges that manufacturing companies can experience when throwing subsidiaries into the mix, we wanted to share some ways that our features can make life easier.

Choose occy For Manufacturing Campaigns

Managing hiring campaigns by subsidiaries offers greater control and flexibility, a faster and more efficient hiring process. Thanks to our software, this is simple to do. Furthermore, it’s also affordable as you simply add a new part of your business framework to an existing account.

To learn more about our subsidiary company feature, click this link to book a demo.

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