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The retail, travel and hospitality industries have been hit hard by covid, lockdowns, and Brexit. According to The Office for National Statistics, 87% of hospitality recruiters are struggling to hire.

But what if you had a hiring partner to help you win over candidates faster and more effectively than ever before – so you can hire again, and again whenever you need it. 

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A recipe for improved hiring

occy gives travel, hospitality & retail recruiters an end-to-end recruitment platform built specifically to help you hire in-house.

Hiring can be slow and costly, but occy gives recruiters the tools to effectively source candidates, automate processes, hire digitally, and analyse performance – all in one system!

How we help

Find the right candidates

Filling roles is a huge challenge, particularly with the busy seasonal demands these industries face. With occy, you’ll consistently source candidates with access to over 1,000 job boards nationwide, and a system that posts your ads for you. 

What’s more, our in-house copywriting experts help make sure your ads get seen, and turn views into applications.

Why not download one of our job advert templates, and try it for yourself?

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Save time with automation

When you’re hiring repeatedly throughout the year, filtering out candidates that aren’t qualified can be a time-consuming process. With occy, you don’t have to worry about that.

occy automatically filters candidates, so only the most relevant are at the top of your pipeline. This is along with numerous other automations throughout your process, saving you time and money!

Meet your targets

You’re facing pressure to meet your recruitment targets – whether that’s increasing fill rates, or lowering your cost per hire and time to hire. But without the tools to analyse your process, you can’t improve it.

occy’s powerful hiring analytics give you total visibility over your hiring process from your dashboard every time you use the system. You’ll be able to pinpoint under-performing areas, and improve your key metrics.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take it from our customers instead… 

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