Who is occy for?

Helping volume recruiters get better results

Our end-to-end hiring platform is built specifically for in-house volume or hourly recruiters. occy works alongside your hiring team to help reduce costs, save your recruiters time, improve fill rates, and so much more.

Who we help

Challenges for volume recruiters

High turnover

Frequent churn and seasonal spikes put additional strain on retail recruiters, creating uncertainty as to whether operations will be fully staffed when needed the most.

Lengthy hiring processes

Your applicants want to secure a job as quickly as you want to hire, so you need to be able to fast-track candidates through the funnel and deliver the most qualified candidates to the final stages.

Disjointed communication

In today’s mobile-first world, hiring teams need to keep candidates engaged, informed, and interested in the job, or risk losing them to competitors.

Am I a volume recruiter?

Do you…
Hire lots of people year round?

Perhaps you're continuously hiring, or have busy periods during the year where you need more staff.

Hire for the same jobs over and over?

Maybe your industry has a naturally high turnover rate, or your business is growing.

Recruit in an industry where hiring has to be done fast, at low cost, with as little admin as possible?

You have roles that need filling quickly and often.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you’re a volume recruiter!

How can occy help with my recruitment?

occy makes hiring in volume easier, faster, and low-cost, with an end-to-end platform designed specifically for high volume recruitment.
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