The Savvy Approach to Security Recruitment That Saves Costs!

The Savvy Approach to Security Recruitment That Saves Costs!

Do you find yourself paying through the nose for quality security professionals? If so, you are not alone, as the UK’s private security sector was worth £8.7 billion in 2023!

In today’s competitive job market, candidate experience is paramount. It’s not just about finding the right talent; it’s about ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive impression, regardless of the outcome. But what if I told you that you could enhance candidate experience while simultaneously spending less on hiring?

At occy, we have found the perfect way to do just that thanks to our high-performance software. Keep reading to learn more!

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Hire More Efficiently

Traditional recruitment processes often involve multiple rounds of interviews, extensive travel for candidates, and significant administrative overhead. However, by reimagining your approach, you can hire faster and for less. We are in the digital age after all! The reality is that security candidates have quick recruitment processes so that they can start earning. This is important as most jobs are seasonal so these professionals like to make the most of earning as much as possible during this time.

We think this can be summarised by the following:

Embrace Technology

Leverage video profiling, guide the process with auto-declines, and keep informed using recruitment analytics. This saves time and reduces the need for costly in-person meetings. Furthermore, candidates can see that a company is forward-thinking, meaning they are more likely to want to work for them.

Optimise Job Descriptions

Well-crafted job descriptions can attract more suitable candidates and reduce the volume of irrelevant applications. By clearly outlining the role’s responsibilities, qualifications, and company culture, you can ensure that applicants self-select based on their fit, minimising the need for extensive screening. This will also help you leverage tools such as career sites with complete ease.

Focus on Targeted Outreach

Instead of casting a wide net, concentrate your efforts on platforms and channels frequented by your target candidates. This targeted approach can yield higher-quality applicants while reducing advertising costs. Our system lets you see how campaigns are performing in real time to ensure that no money is wasted.

Create a Smooth-Running System

A positive candidate experience can have a lasting impact on your employer brand plus help to move things along more rapidly. Quicker hires = less money spent, so you can invest in training courses and provide a brilliant employee experience. These elements can also be advertised within job adverts to appeal to a higher calibre of talent. 

The key to this is seamless communication. Automation workflows allow candidates to receive a speedy service without an HR manager having to sit at their desk all day. This is important as keeping candidates informed at every stage and providing timely updates means a higher chance of securing the best applicants. Even if a candidate is unsuccessful, a personalised rejection email can leave a positive impression and encourage them to reapply or refer other talented individuals. This can all be achieved with the candidate communication feature from occy, which means emails or SMS messages can be sent out once a certain milestone is triggered. 

With our software allowing an average saving of 20% on recruitment fees, companies can hire security professionals more confidently. By knowing that training can take place instantly and benefits can be made more appealing, securing ideal candidates couldn’t be easier.

Source Security Candidates with Ease the occy Way!

Now, you should understand that spending less on hiring doesn’t have to mean compromising on candidate experience. 

By rethinking your recruitment process, you can attract top talent while minimising costs. This means you can offer a more compelling case to the top candidates you want to secure, resulting in more chances of high-volume hiring. 

Remember, every interaction with a candidate is an opportunity to showcase your company’s values and culture, so make it count! Book a demo now to learn more.

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