The Best Alternatives to Teamtailor for Medium-Sized Companies

The Best Alternatives to Teamtailor for Medium-Sized Companies

Finding the right ATS support for medium-sized companies can be challenging. Many solutions cater to either small businesses or large enterprises, leaving a gap for those in between. With over 39,600 medium-sized companies in the UK, Occy focuses on providing ATS solutions tailored to their unique needs. Effective hiring is crucial for maintaining operations and revenue stability. This also addresses key challenges like managing costs and meeting deadlines.

Teamtailor is a popular choice for ATS support among medium-sized businesses. However, its functionality and cost may not suit every company. To help you explore other options, we’ve compiled a list of the top five alternatives that offer efficient hiring, cost reduction, and streamlined HR processes for medium-sized companies.

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5th Place – Hireology

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel sourcing features to allow stronger attraction for top talent
  • Integrated onboarding features including payroll and HR requirements
  • Insights and analytics with customisable support

Hireology is an ATS provider based in the US that serves global clients, including those in the UK. As an HR and Recruitment platform, with 67% of customers being mid-size, it is well-equipped to support intermediate-structured organisations. 

The services available from Hireology are similar to Teamtailor. However, one area that this company surpasses the Swedish ATS solution is the option to source, engage and hire talent from multi-location businesses. Teamtailor doesn’t provide an option for subsidiary companies to be integrated into the platform, which many medium-sized organisations require. For many mid-sized companies, having different segments and operating bodies is essential for better structuring costs and teams. 

Hireology also offers a great alternative. Thanks to the segmentation on the website and app, it’s simpler to source the correct features.

4th Place – Job Adder

Key Features:

  • Recruitment CRM which can align with other software
  • Placement management which ranks candidates versus the job they are applying for
  • Recruitment operations to provide details statistics on the performance of hiring campaigns  

Another company ideal for medium-sized organisations that compete with Teamtailor is Job Adder. This ATS is similar to Teamtailor in providing solutions for applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, placement management and form management. However, one area that it goes beyond is by allowing a distinction between permanent and temporary recruitment needs. 

This is managed via different automations which are structured to provide bespoke support based on the position being recruited for.  Also available are automated job adverts which can be created, scheduled and tracked as well as posted in various channels for enhanced exposure. With many medium-sized companies lacking the manpower to manually manage this, having automation functionality is a huge bonus.

3rd Place –  Greenhouse

Key Features:

  • Ability to build talent sourcing pipelines which also includes integrations for improved connectivity with talent
  • Scalable workflows which allow hiring campaigns to be matched with the available resourcing tools
  • 450+ per built integrations plus open API for easy syncing with other software

As a well known ATS solution across various industries, Greenhouse is a popular solution for the mid-market with an audience of 64% that fit into this category. Although the platform is pricier than Teamtailor in some areas of the service offering, there are a few ways that it offers an alternative solution which some may see as desirable.

An example of this is included within the talent sourcing section of features which allow anything from company branded career pages to personalised social media posts to be created and shared. 

Greenhouse can also be closely compared to Teamtailor thanks to the promotion of its ability to utilise the existing employee network. Within mid-sized organisations, this is important as it means that everyone feels included. The result? A stronger company culture and more chance of finding a hire that aligns with company goals and strategies. Whilst features such as referral programmes and internal job boards are evenly matched for both, Greenhouse also provides more versatility in how employees can get involved in the hiring process. This is customisable at points throughout the hiring journey, not just at the start.

2nd Place – SmartRecuiters

Key Features:

  • Full customisation capabilities for workflows including automations
  • Integrate with a wide selection of third party platforms including Zoom, LinkedIn and Docusign
  • Features segmented into solutions for high volume recruiting, hyper growth organisations and talent sourcing

Now we are getting to the final poll positions in this article of alternatives to Teamtailor for medium-sized companies, it’s fitting to include SmartRecruiters. 

Both companies are very evenly matched, with the values of offering all-one-hiring and smarter solutions promoted throughout brand communications. If there is one area that SmartRecruiters just pips Teamtailor on, it’s having more intelligent AI and automated features. Examples are the chatbot and AI recruiting features, which are ideal for allowing medium-sized companies to benefit from essential support in optimising ads. Furthermore, the SmartRecruiters job posting across various channels is also slightly stronger, with automation integrated to allow an ad to be placed on 300+ sites in just one click.

1st Place – occy

Key Features:

  • Fully customisable and automated workflows which can be replicated in just a few clicks for simply hiring
  • Bespoke copywriting services carried out by in-house professionals to ensure job adverts are unique and fully optimised
  • Detailed reporting to allow for efficient hiring per for medium sized organisations

When comparing features, pricing, team support, and bespoke solutions perfect for mid-size organisations, Occy is the best alternative to Teamtailor. With more than 10 of the features fairly evenly matched, Occy has a few additions that set it apart from Teamtailor.

Firstly, Teamtailor doesn’t have the level of media and intelligence in that area that occy promotes, meaning that talent attraction for medium-sized companies is easier with occy. This also allows more reliable campaign results to be achieved which is essential when timing and resources are stretched. Furthermore, automated job advertising is not available from Teamtailor but is optimised with occy. 

Occy also makes it easier for these companies to manage the admin size of hiring, particularly in terms of DE&I content that can be integrated into hiring workflows. Finally, Occy allows subsidiary companies, which Teamtailor does not provide, meaning that mid-sized organisations will end up spending more when using Teamtailor if they have more than one company vertical to manage.  

Ready To Source an ATS Solutions For Your Medium-Sized Company?

As you should now understand, there are many alternatives to Teamtailor which provide excellent service for mid-sized organisations. Should you wish to discuss any of the topics in this article or to learn more about occy, please contact us now.

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