The Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

The Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

In this blog, we’ll explore the key benefits of using mobile in your recruitment, and how you can start implementing mobile into your hiring strategy. 


In 1984, the first mobile phone was invented. No one could’ve imagined how mobile phones would go on to be used four decades later. Over the past decade, smartphones have been increasingly used more for their data than for their calling ability. Whether that’s social media, research, or work, smartphones can be used for anything that you would’ve once traditionally used a desktop for.


This applies to recruiting as well. With over 90% of job seekers using mobile to find roles, mobile recruitment should be a key part of your hiring process. At least, if you want to have a competitive advantage!

Mobile phone inventor sat with a range of phones

Martin Cooper with early Motorola Mobiles

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What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is the process of using mobile phones to attract, engage, and hire candidates. This includes areas like ensuring your job adverts are optimised for mobile, or communicating with candidates via mobile-friendly channels. 


Ultimately, mobile recruiting allows recruiters to reach candidates wherever they are, whether that’s on the move or at home. 


Why is mobile recruiting important?

Mobile recruiting is important because recent data shows 6.92 billion people worldwide are using smartphones. That’s 86% of the world’s population, and that number is only going up, with figures expected to reach 7.3 billion in the next two years.  


Using mobile allows you to reach a much wider audience of potential candidates, wherever they are. Without optimising your process for mobiles, people have no choice but to answer and reply to things whenever they’re at a desktop – which isn’t going to be all the time.


This can become especially problematic if you work in high-volume recruitment, where the hiring process needs to be quick and efficient. 

What are the benefits of mobile recruiting? 

There are a number of key benefits when it comes to mobile recruiting. Here we cover the key ones:


Recruit from anywhere

Using mobile to recruit means both candidates and recruiters can accelerate the recruitment cycle, with access to the process whether they’re on the go or at home. 


This means faster response times from both ends. No matter where the recruiter or the candidate is, phone calls, text messages, or e-mails can still reach a candidate through a smartphone.


Increased application numbers

Candidates are more likely to apply for jobs that are mobile-friendly and accessible, increasing your application numbers. 


This is likely due to an improved candidate experience, making it more likely candidates will complete the initial application process. One study found that 89% of job seekers see mobile as an important part of their job search.

Mobile accessibility also helps you increase applications from the younger generations, especially millennials and Gen Z. That has the added benefit of diversifying your applicant pool too, which is always a bonus. 


Faster time-to-hire

Mobile recruiting can speed up the recruitment process, as candidates can apply for jobs and communicate with recruiters more quickly and easily.


This naturally leads to a faster time-to-hire, which comes with so many additional benefits like reduced recruitment costs, and a better candidate experience. 


Improved candidate experience

Mobile recruiting improves the candidate experience, because mobile-friendly applications and communication channels are generally more user-friendly and accessible.


The flexibility it offers is also a huge benefit, as well as faster response times and better communication – one of the most common candidate experience pitfalls. 


This all works to improve your employer brand and reduce your candidate drop-off rates, connecting all the benefits we’ve spoken about so far.

What should you mobile optimise?

To get the best out of mobile optimisation, you’re probably wondering which areas of your hiring process you should start with.

This section covers most of what a candidate needs when applying to a job, though by no means does it have to end here. The more you can optimise – the better.


As of June 2023, 55% of all website traffic comes from a mobile. Without optimising your site for mobile, you’ll risk losing over half of your potential candidates!



49% of people open an app 11+ times a day.  Again, not optimising for mobile could cost you half of your potential candidates.


Interestingly, if your goal is to attract and hire younger candidates, then using an app may be the right way to go. With 21% of millennials opening an app over 50 times a day and 38% of Gen Z spending over 4 hours a day on an app.


Questionnaires & surveys

Around 30% of people tend to complete questionnaires and surveys from a smartphone. If that’s a part of your recruitment process, make sure it can be done via mobile as well as from a desktop.


Adding docs & images to the application

47% of job searchers would apply to a job from a mobile. Having the ability to add files, documents and images to an application allow those who want/prefer to apply from mobiles to apply easily and hopefully, increase your candidate pool.


Interview date auto-selection

Giving candidates the option to auto-select their interview date and time straight from their mobile eliminates the need for lengthy back and forth e-mails or phone calls. A simple step that speeds up the process and takes away the work from the recruiter and candidate.



According to a report by Forbes, 69% of people in a post-pandemic world prefer e-signatures to in-person, and the e-signing industry is continuously expected to grow.


By optimising e-signing for mobile, you make it easy for recruiters to push applicants through the hiring funnel. Plus, it has the added benefit of improving the candidate experience

Statistics on where people browse most on their mobile for recruitment


There are numerous benefits of mobile recruiting that make it an essential part of the hiring process. Using mobile, recruiters can reach a much wider audience, improve candidate experience, and speed up the hiring process. If you’re not already using mobile recruiting, now’s the time to start.


Using a recruitment platform like occy centralises your hiring activity, and adds these mobile optimisations for you without a second thought. This means you don’t have the headache of setting this up yourself, and you can relax knowing your candidates are getting a great experience with you. 


Mobile is just one part of a robust hiring strategy. Our Talent Acquisition Toolkit gives you all the tools you need to make recruitment easier. Why not download for free today? 

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