Talent Acquisition Toolkit

Recruiters often face a challenging task, especially when it comes to sourcing the right people for the job. But with the right plan and tools in place, high volume recruiters can achieve faster hires at lower cost again, and again, and…

This toolkit gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your volume hiring strategy and get ahead of your competition. 

High volume hiring explained

In today’s fast-paced connected world, effective technology is critical for hiring success.   

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Job advert writing checklist

Writing a good job ad goes beyond a simple job spec. This checklist gives you all the points needed to create a fully optimised advert to increase your online exposure and application numbers.

Download this succinct job writing checklist to create engaging adverts everytime.

Complete hiring guide

In today’s fast-paced connected world, effectively using resources is critical for hiring success.   

 Check out the resources linked below to start compiling an enticing hiring process that the best talent will be unable to resist.

Our Latest Talent Acquisition Articles

How To Add the Personal Touch to Manufacturing Hiring

Adding a personal touch during recruitment is important for several reasons,, especially regarding high-volume demands. The reality is that if your business is not taking the time to make candidates feel included and important from the moment they lay eyes on your advert, there is a big chance competition will win them over. 

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Case Study

Whistl: Using our platform saved hundreds of thousands on recruitment

Hiring is just relentless, and the support we’ve had has made our life so much easier. We can go out quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before. 

Natalie Cain
Head of Recruitment, Whistl

Hiring Technology Checklist

occy gives manufacturing recruiters an end-to-end recruitment platform plus access to useful resources to improve fulfillment rates. 

Access useful resources in our hiring technology checklist.

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