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Reduce repetitive recruitment admin

If you’re hiring for recurring positions over and over, the amount of repetitive admin can feel overwhelming and frustrating. occy solves this with recruitment automation software specifically designed for high-volume recruitment. 

Recruitment Automation Software
Built for
high-volume hiring
Speed up your hiring with

Automated job campaigns

Repetitive admin work is one of the biggest pains for volume recruiters. That’s why occy is designed to enhance automation at every stage of your recruitment process. All you need to do is set up a hiring pipeline, and add automation events into each stage – totally customisable to your business’ needs!
Set up automations in each stage of your hiring pipeline
Eliminate manual tasks like setting up interviews, sending emails, reference checks and more
A continuous flow of candidates with

Job advertising

If you know you’re going to need to hire for the same role this month, and next, and the next after that… save yourself the time and effort doing it from scratch! With occy you can set up automated recurring job campaigns that advertise your role across our network when you need them.
Set up campaigns that advertise your roles when you need them
Create job templates and custom workflows to save time
Get to your best applicants faster with

Smart filtering

Sifting through numerous CVs is taking up way more of recruiters’ capacity than it should! occy customers get that time back with smart filtering tools that auto-decline unsuitable candidates as they enter your pipeline.
Auto-decline applicants using killer questions
Score and rank candidates
Save your recruiters’ time with

Screening tools

Screening is an essential, but often tedious part of hiring. But it doesn’t have to be. Sit back and let occy do your screening for you, receiving automated updates in your platform. We’ll even send candidates and referees reminders to complete checks so you don’t have to!
Background checks
Reference checks
Keep candidates engaged with

On-going communications

Effective communication is crucial, but hard to keep on top of in high-volume roles. With occy, you can set up automated communications where and when you need them. Application acknowledgements, screening requests, interview calendar invites or even contract e-signing – keep the line open with every candidate without a second thought.
Automated email & SMS candidate communications
Self serve interview date selection
Contract e-Signing

We support you every step of the way

Ongoing Support

We don’t just leave you to your own devices. You’ll have regular account reviews to keep you up to date with the latest occy features, and guidance and recommendations to help you succeed.


We offer a free onboarding service to familiarise you with the occy platform. This includes a workshop to discuss your business needs, system set-up, user training and a post-live review.

UK Based Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team is in-house and UK based, offering you local knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for your job campaigns.
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