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A better experience for candidates and recruiters

When you’re hiring regularly, the process can feel impersonal, slow, and downright frustrating from both sides. occy solves this by creating super fast, personalised digital journeys for candidates and recruiters! Giving everyone a better experience time and time again.

Digital Recruitment Software
Built for
high-volume hiring
Less work and faster results with

Recruitment Automations

No more slow and repetitive manual processes. If you’re stuck doing admin all day, you can’t be giving the whole recruitment process the attention it deserves. Speed up your hiring and give everyone a great experience with customisible recruitment automations!

Set up automations in each stage of your hiring pipeline
Automated job advertising, candidate filtering, screening, communications and more
Better teamwork with

Collaborative hiring tools

Poor collaboration on hires leads to a frustrated team and impatient candidates. occy centralises all your recruitment activity into one platform, making teamwork much more efficient! You can even break your account into different subsidiaries and access levels – perfect if you’re hiring across different branches.

Parent-child account hierarchy ideal for multi-branch hiring
Collaborative interviewing, scoring & ranking of candidates
More flexibility with

Remote hiring capabilities

Candidates are often on-the-go, applying for multiple roles at once. So why not make your process a lot easier and more enjoyable for them? occy helps you stand out with a completely streamlined, remote experience. From application all the way to offer, we optimise your recruitment to fit the lifestyle of modern candidates.

Each stage optimised for mobile
Flexible interview date selection & remote interview integrations

We support you every step of the way

Ongoing Support

We don’t just leave you to your own devices. You’ll have regular account reviews to keep you up to date with the latest occy features, and guidance and recommendations to help you succeed.


We offer a free onboarding service to familiarise you with the occy platform. This includes a workshop to discuss your business needs, system set-up, user training and a post-live review.

UK Based Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team is in-house and UK based, offering you local knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for your job campaigns.
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