Welcome to Release #7 of occy

Hey there! Welcome to your full summary of what to expect from Release #7 of occy. Our product team have been working tirelessly to enhance your hiring platform, and we’re so excited to share what’s new with you. 

New features this release are designed with recruitment performance in mind: better visibility over results, greater user experience, and handy updates to the features our customers already know and love.

Sounds good right? Let’s dive in! 😄

Please note: the designs on this page aren’t final, but just to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Enhanced Analytics

To give you the best insights into hiring performance, we’ve increased the functionality of the Hiring Analytics area of your platform. This means you’ll get full visibility over essential KPIs like cost-per-hire, time-to-offer, fill rate, advertising costs, DE&I reports, candidate insights and so much more in an easily-digestible way. 

You’ll even be able to compare current performance against previous periods and identify trends, all from one, user-friendly interface. This all works to help you make precise, data-driven decisions that boost your results! 📈

Updated Careers Sites

Fully branded career sites have been a firm favourite of our service offering for quite some time, giving hiring teams an additional touchpoint to attract applicants online. We’ve listened to your feedback, and have are excited to introduce two major updates to careers pages 👌

Advanced Job Search

Your potential candidates will now be able to refine their searches, with options to filter by job title, location, employment type, and more. This saves candidates time and improves their experience, in turn increasing your application numbers. It’s a win-win!

Posting Jobs on behalf of Subsidiary Companies

Parent-child account hierarchies are a prime example of how the occy platform was built with the needs of volume recruiters in mind 💭

We want to keep that momentum, which is why users of parent companies can now publish job openings on behalf of their subsidiary companies. This consolidates all career opportunities on the parent company’s careers site, keeping your recruitment centralised and more manageable!

Staff Notification Automation

Making life easier for recruiters is what we’re all about here at occy. So we’ve updated our automation capabilities to include ‘Staff Notifications’. This helps you effortlessly trigger automatic email notifications to your hiring panel when specific events happen, such as if you want reminders to call candidates. 

With this all running in the background, your recruiters can focus on winning over the best candidates to work with you. 🎉

screenshot of job campaign automation

That’s all! Thanks for staying up to date with all things occy.

If you have any questions about anything included here, or just want a chat about your recruitment, simply contact our team. We’d love to hear from you.