Welcome to Release #3 of occy

Hello hello! Welcome to another full summary of what to expect from Release #3 of occy. Our product team have been continuing to work hard to take your hiring to the next level, and we’re so excited to share what they’ve been up to. 

New features this release are designed to keep your onboarding process as seamless as possible – this means quicker hires, happier candidates, and better results all round – sounds good right? 😄

So let’s get to it!

Please note: the designs on this page aren’t final, but just to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Reference Checks

Reference checks are an essential, but often tedious part of the hiring process. We’re all about cutting out unnecessary admin for our customers, so we’ve made the process much easier for you 💡

All you need to do is select which candidates you want to reference check along with a templated questionnaire… and that’s it! You can then sit back and let occy do the work for you, receiving automatic updates via a simple chronological timeline. We’ll even send candidates and referees reminders to complete checks, nudging them through the final stages and into your business!

Background Checks

With many of our customers working in highly regulated industries like Care and Security, ensuring candidates are properly qualified to do the job is a must. That’s why alongside reference checks, you can now carry out background checks too 🔍

No need to worry if you’re covering all your legal bases – just like with our reference check function, with just a few clicks from your Hiring Team you can rest assured every single candidate gets properly vetted.

And if that’s not enough, you can bulk send any checks you do through occy. This makes it easy to manage multiple checks at once – especially useful if you’re hiring lots of candidates frequently!

screenshot of occy background check software

Enhanced Candidate Source Capture

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the level of detail provided in the Hiring Analytics area of the platform, particularly when it comes to pinpointing exactly where candidates have come from 🎯

We’ve now expanded this to include external candidates sourced from offline sources like agencies. This all works to centralise your recruitment activity, so you can use real data when deciding where to invest your budget!


The path from offer to employment just got easier. Last, but certainly not least, we’ve finalised contract e-signing with an integrated, automated system ⚙️

Once you’ve decided to make an offer, candidates will receive their contract that they can sign then and there, to then be automatically added to your platform, easily accessible to your team. 

Digital processes like these are what create a truly seamless experience for candidates AND recruiters, cutting down hiring time and keeping everyone happy! 

That’s all! Thanks for staying up to date with all things occy.

If you have any questions about anything included here, or just want a chat about your recruitment, simply contact our team. We’d love to hear from you.