Welcome to Release #2 of occy

Hi there! Welcome to your full summary of what to expect from Release #2 of occy. Our product team have been working tirelessly to enhance your hiring platform, and we’re so excited to share what’s new with you. 

New features this release are designed with recruitment performance in mind – better visibility over results, enhanced candidate attraction and increased efficiency are just some of the benefits to expect ️🥳️

So let’s dive in!

Please note: the designs on this page aren’t final, but just to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Global Analytics

To give you the best insights into your recruitment performance, we’ve increased the functionality of the Hiring Analytics area of your platform. This means you’ll get full visibility over jobs posted, applicants, cost per applicant, cost per hire, time to hire, fill rate, and advertising costs (to name a few).

With enhanced tracking and analysis of your key performance indicators, you’ll be able to pinpoint where your hiring process could use improvement, and watch your results shoot up! 📈

DE&I Reports

As DE&I remains an important part of running a business, we thought what better place to look than during the hiring process. Your analytics page will now come with a detailed report on DE&I-related data, including ethnicity, DE&I form status, and acceptance rate. You can even access a candidate pool diversity report with a breakdown of offers based on DE&I form status.

That means better visibility on who you’re attracting to work with you, and a step closer to a more inclusive business!

Here at occy, we’re all about making hiring human, and helping our customers create a diverse workforce is a huge proponent of that 🙌 

occy DE&I analytics

Enhanced Company Career Sites

Fully branded career sites have been a firm favourite of our service offering for quite some time, giving hiring teams an additional touchpoint to attract applicants online. We’ve listened to your feedback, and have enhanced the creation process to make it as efficient and simple as possible 👌

When you set up your company on the occy platform, you can now easily create a career site with default settings along with a registered domain to host it. Candidates can then seamlessly search and apply for job openings with you.

Parent-Child Account Hierarchy

Let’s say you’re a business that owns 8 care homes across the country, or 12 warehouses, or perhaps 15 restaurants. As hiring takes place frequently across different branches, having this organised in a manageable way is vital for a smooth operation.

That’s why we’ve introduced parent-child account hierarchies unique to your business’ structure. Organise your hiring into different subsidiaries and then manage access levels so only the relevant people can see how each one is doing – no need to open multiple accounts with us!

occy is one of the only hiring technology providers that provides this level of oversight for different branches, and a prime example of how the platform was built with the needs of volume recruiters in mind 💭

Recurring Job Campaigns

If you know that every month you need a certain number of candidates and hires, then you’ll love this new feature. 

Introducing recurring job campaigns means you can lay out the details of your recurring role, and simply schedule it to be advertised as often as you need. This keeps your pipeline filled with fresh new candidates without a second thought 👥

This is one of many ways that occy provides automations no one else does to make volume recruiters’ lives easier, pipelines filled, and overheads happy.

That’s all! Thanks for staying up to date with all things occy.

If you have any questions about anything included here, or just want a chat about your recruitment, simply contact our team. We’d love to hear from you.