Welcome to Release #10 of occy

Hi there! Welcome to your full summary of what to expect from Release #10 of occy. We always listen to our clients which is why this update is something we are proud of. All changes are designed to make the hiring process even easier with smoother functionality and features that are simpler to use.

New features in this release include video profiling, agency support, e-sign and public APIs which are all essential components of a modern hiring campaign 👍

Eager to learn more? Check out the below!

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Video Profiling

Occy introduces the feature to request the applicant for a video profile via email/ SMS as an automated event. Recruiters can now setup a “Send Video Profile” event in the hiring workflow automation to automatically send an email to the hiring panel on the occurrence of an event. 

This feature is a brilliant way of getting to know a candidates personality  early on in the recruitment process to speed up the overall campaign. It also allows talent to sell themselves in a way that is not always possible on paper. Video profiling can also be used at any stage of a hiring campaign which is important as we all know that no two recruitment drives are ever the same!

Video profiling is simple to configure, only costs 1 occy credit per request and is proven to help decision makers choose wisely between candidates 📹

Agency Support

The new agency support function in occy streamlines the process of adding candidate sources via recruitment agencies. By adding agencies as separate candidate sources, hiring manages can ensure each candidate is attributed to the correct agency. 

This means it’s easier to monitor each agencies contributions to help hiring parties manage the recruitment process for quicker results.

Simply add candidate sources in settings, track submissions and make real-time changes to campaigns. At occy, we think having a view of the bigger picture is always important! 💼


Our new e-sign feature for offers and agreements is a cutting-edge designed to streamline the final stages of the recruitment process. This is achieved by providing a seamless way for employers to create, send, and manage job offers and employment agreements within the Occy platform.

With Offers and Agreements, HR teams can ensure a smooth transition from candidate selection to onboarding, enhancing the overall experience for both the employer and the new hire 👌

Public APIs

This feature is designed to extend the power of occy, by connecting your hiring campaigns with other software tools.  API Hub is a robust feature within the Occy platform that serves as a cornerstone for businesses looking to enhance their recruitment ecosystem.

By providing a centralized API key management module and a comprehensive list of APIs, API Hub enables seamless integration of Occy’s recruitment functionalities with a variety of other applications. This feature is designed to extend the power of occy, offering the best way to hire in high volumes! 📈

That’s all! Thanks for staying up to date with all things occy.

If you have any questions about anything included here, or just want a chat about your recruitment, simply contact our team. We’d love to hear from you.