Security Consultant Job Description

Security Consultant Job Description

At Occy, we are committed to assisting you at every stage of the hiring process to secure top-quality candidates. We’ve crafted this Security Consultant job description to offer you a comprehensive reference for crafting your adverts.

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What is a Security Consultant?

Security consultants assess and test existing security measures implemented by individuals or businesses. This covers cyber security and physical locations, such as homes or company buildings, to identify vulnerable areas and protect assets, information, and people.

They recommend security enhancements and strategies to combat and deter threats. Furthermore, they also cover installation of surveillance equipment and alarms, hiring on-site security, implementing background checks and other procedures. Additionally,  they manage the implementation of these recommendations and create a plan for ongoing use.

Main Responsibilities of a Security Consultant

Qualifications and Soft Skills

The skills and qualifications required for Security Consultants vary depending on the business and job; however, the list below encompasses the requirements commonly found in a Security Consultant job description.


Average Salary of an Assembler

Providing a clear pay range not only encourages job seekers to apply for your role but also reduces admin and time-to-hire.

In May 2024, the average advertised salary for a Security Consultant in the UK is £53,730. This can fluctuate depending on experience and location. In London, the average is £60,430, whereas in Liverpool, it drops slightly below the UK average to £37,990.

Similar Job Titles Associated with the Role

To increase the pool of qualified candidates applying, consider that many job seekers might search using alternative job titles. Similar roles often require the same transferable qualifications. Alternative titles for this role include Cybersecurity Consultant, Information Security Consultant, IT Security Consultant, Network Security Consultant, Security Analyst, and Security Architect.

What are the Current Challenges When Hiring Security Consultants?

  • High Competition – Skilled and experienced candidates are sought after across a range of industries, making competitive salaries and sought-after benefits packages crucial.
  • Clearance Requirements – Some roles require a certain level of security clearance and background checks. This can be costly and narrow down the list of eligible candidates.
  • Specific Experience – The duties of this role can vary dramatically depending on the client or company. This means finding candidates with the right experience and skillset can be difficult.
  • Evolving Threats – With technology constantly evolving, threats can change and develop quickly, meaning it can be difficult to source candidates with the correct up-to-date knowledge.
  • Locations – Some companies require their Security Consultants to work on-site, which can make it harder to attract the best candidates when limited to one area.

What is the Difference Between a Job Description and a Job Advert?

Now that we’ve covered what is typically found in a Security Consultant job description, it’s important to know the difference between a job description and a job advert. Understanding the difference between a job description and a job advert is key to crafting job adverts.

Find out more here:

A job description gives you in-depth and comprehensive details about a role – what it involves, who you’ll report to, and all the tasks you’ll be tackling. It’s a go-to guide for understanding the ins and outs of a job.

A job advert, on the other hand, is your chance to sell the role to potential candidates. It’s all about getting them excited and interested. So, you highlight the must-have qualifications, sum up the main responsibilities, and showcase what makes your role stand out by listing company benefits and more about the company culture. The trick is to keep it short, sweet, and focused on the good stuff.

At occy, we’re dedicated to empowering our clients by equipping them with the tools to create engaging job adverts, leveraging strategies that are proven to have boosted applications by 35%.

Our range of resources is tailored to enhance the candidate attraction process and reduce your time to hire.

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