Door Supervisor Job Description

Door Supervisor Job Description

We’re committed to supporting your hiring success at every stage. That’s why we’ve developed this Door Supervisor job description. Whether you’re creating job adverts or ensuring you have the best job title for the role, we’re here to help.

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What is a Door Supervisor?

A door supervisor is responsible for the security of a venue and the safety of its customers; their responsibilities include crowd management, controlling access, checking IDs, searching belongings for prohibited items such as drugs or weapons, de-escalating fights or arguments, removing customers from the venue if necessary, and liaising with the emergency services when called.

Main Responsibilities of a Door Supervisor

While some roles may vary slightly, here is a list of responsibilities typically found in a Door Supervisor job description:

Qualifications and Soft Skills


Listing the company benefits in job adverts will influence the quality and quantity of candidates you attract. Offering desirable benefits tailored to your target candidates can be the deciding factor when choosing roles to apply for. Here is a list of the most popular benefits to include to give your company a competitive edge in hiring top talent.

Average Salary 

Sharing an hourly pay range isn’t just about getting more applicants – although it does enable you to get your role in front of candidates who specifically search for opportunities that provide pay information. Candidates are less likely to drop out later if the wage isn’t what they were looking for. It also puts you ahead of the game when offering a competitive wage that stands out in the job market.

The average hourly rate for a Door Supervisor in the UK in May 2024 is £12.20. However, this rate varies across different regions. In Glasgow, the average is £13.10, while in Birmingham, it averages £11.70.

Similar Job Titles Associated with the Role

To reach more qualified candidates, include similar or alternative popular job titles in the desired experience section that candidates with transferable skills might be searching for, including Doorman, Door Security, Door Person, SIA Door Supervisor, Security Officer, Event Security, and Bouncer.

What are the Current Challenges When Hiring Door Supervisors?

  • Qualification Costs: Door Supervisors are required to obtain and regularly renew an SIA licence; on top of this, some roles require first aid training. The costs incurred by this can deter entry-level candidates from pursuing the role due to the considerable upfront costs and, in some cases, discourage experienced candidates from renewing.
  • Perception of the role: This role involves working long and unsociable hours during evenings and weekends and can involve confrontations and sometimes violent situations; these factors can make it hard to attract job seekers and retain experienced security staff.
  • High Competition: Door Supervisors are in demand by venues across the country, which often means the demand exceeds the number of available job seekers.

What is the Difference Between a Job Description and a Job Advert?

Now that we’ve covered what is typically found in a Door Supervisor job description, it’s important to know the difference between a job description and a job advert. Understanding the difference between a job description and a job advert is key to crafting job adverts that really grab attention and bring in the right candidates in the numbers you need.

So, what is the difference?

A job description gives you in-depth and comprehensive details about a role – what it involves, who you’ll report to, and all the tasks you’ll be tackling. It’s a go-to guide for understanding the ins and outs of a job.

A job advert, on the other hand, is your chance to sell the role to potential candidates. It’s all about getting them excited and interested. So, you highlight the must-have qualifications, sum up the main responsibilities, and showcase what makes your role stand out by listing company benefits and more about the company culture. The trick is to keep it short, sweet, and focused on the good stuff.

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