Care Assistant Job Description

Care Assistant Job Description

At Occy, we are committed to assisting you at every stage of the hiring process to secure top-quality candidates. We’ve crafted this Care Assistant job description to offer you a comprehensive reference for crafting your adverts.

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Care Assistant Role Summary

A Care Assistant is responsible for helping clients who need extra support with everyday tasks due to age, disability, or illness.

Tasks vary depending on each client’s individual needs but typically include assisting with mobility, household chores, food preparation, shopping, and personal care .

They also ensure medication is accurately administered at the right time. Additionally, they assist with attending appointments and social commitments, and keep accurate records to effectively liaise with other healthcare professionals and the client’s family. Documentation may include medication administered, meals eaten, and notes on their general health, including any concerns. Most importantly, they are there to provide companionship and improve their client’s quality of life through.

Main Responsibilities of a Care Assistant

Qualifications and Soft Skills

The qualifications and experience required for each Care Assistant role vary depending on the specific position. Some companies are happy to hire entry-level candidates and fund training for certifications. These include  the Care Certificate, First Aid and CPR, Safeguarding. Also included are Manual Handling and qualifications such as a Level 2 or 3 Diploma or Level 2 NVQ or equivalent in Health and Social Care. Others prefer experienced Care Assistants who already possess these along with time spent in the role.

In both cases, Care Assistant job descriptions will typically list the following skills and qualifications as essential to the role:


Average Salary 

In June 2024, the average advertised hourly rate for a Care Assistant in the UK is £11.93. This can fluctuate depending on experience and location. In Oxford, the average is £13, whereas in Peterborough, it drops slightly below the UK average to £11.74.

Adding a clear pay range ensures your role is seen by a greater number of candidates.  Clearly advertising a competitive rate demonstrates an open culture of communication and reduces the chances of candidates dropping out at later stages. This could be if they discover the pay range isn’t what they were expecting.

Similar Job Titles Associated with the Role

To increase the pool of qualified candidates applying, consider that many job seekers might search using alternative job titles. Similar roles often require the same transferable qualifications, and adding these as examples of the required experience can encourage application numbers. Alternative titles for this role include Care Worker, Carer, Support Worker, Caregiver, and Live-in Carer.

What are the Current Challenges When Hiring Care Assistants?

  • Perception of the Role: Care Assistant roles are often perceived to involve significant physical and emotional demands as well as working long and unsociable hours. This can make it hard to attract and retain workers. Showcasing the benefits of the role, including the opportunity to improve the lives of the clients, can be a step towards combatting this.
  • Training and Screening Costs: The cost of the Enhanced DBS check and obtaining relevant qualifications can be significant and put many people off from pursuing a career in care. By offering funded training and progression opportunities, candidates will be encouraged to apply and stay in the role as an investment into their future career.
  • High Demand: An ageing population has caused an increased need for care services and Care Assistants across the UK. This is particularly noticeable in remote or rural areas, where there are fewer potential applicants and training opportunities. Make your role stand out with a competitive salary, career progression opportunities, and a travel or mileage allowance to attract candidates from slightly further afield.
  • Reduced Workforce: Since Brexit, there have been fewer experienced Care Assistants applying for roles. This is due to many returning to EU countries, and current visa regulations make it more difficult to recruit internationally.
  • Competition from Other Industries: Industries such as retail and hospitality offer entry-level positions and similar pay without the level of responsibilities of a Care Assistant. The NHS and other healthcare providers may also offer experienced candidates better pay and benefits.
  • Time to Hire: With competition high, candidates are likely to apply for multiple roles. This means regular communication and a quick and efficient hiring process are key to securing quality candidates before they are snapped up.

What is the Difference Between a Job Description and a Job Advert?

It’s important to know the difference between a job description and a job advert. Understanding the difference  is vital to crafting job adverts that really grab attention and bring in the best candidates in the numbers you need.

Find out more here:

A job description gives you in-depth and comprehensive details about a role. This includes what it involves, who you’ll report to, and all the tasks you’ll be tackling. It’s a go-to guide for understanding the ins and outs of a job.

A job advert, on the other hand, is your chance to sell the role to potential candidates. It’s all about getting them excited and interested. So, you highlight the must-have qualifications, sum up the key duties, and showcase what makes your role stand out by listing company benefits and more about the company culture. The trick is to keep it short, sweet, and focused on the good stuff.

At occy, we’re dedicated to empowering our clients by equipping them with the tools to create engaging job adverts, leveraging strategies that are proven to have boosted applications by 35%.

Our range of resources is tailored to enhance the candidate attraction process and reduce your time to hire.

If you’re not ready to reach out to us, why not take advantage of our Job Advert Writing Checklist?  Download it today and discover its advantages for yourself.

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