How To Add the Personal Touch to Manufacturing Hiring

How To Add the Personal Touch to Manufacturing Hiring

Adding a personal touch during recruitment is important for several reasons, especially regarding high-volume demands. The reality is that if your business is not taking the time to make candidates feel included and important from the moment they lay eyes on your advert, there is a big chance competition will win them over. 

Experiences are one of the most important aspects of a hiring campaign. This is why we have based our features on the intention of supporting manufacturing on this topic. From improving how admin teams can manage processes to the company-facing image a candidate is greeted with, every stage offers personal touches. 

If you want to be memorable for all the right reasons, keep reading to learn how you can easily add a touch of personality to your next manufacturing hiring campaign with occy.

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Why Is It Important To Improve The Candidate Experience Within Manufacturing Hiring?

One-third of manufacturers say recruitment is their biggest challenge. This is startling and one we believe can be improved by establishing better connections with talent. Overcoming manufacturing recruitment challenges is vital. This is especially important for companies that hire seasonal professionals or require more frequent shorter contracts.

These considerations allow recruiters and hiring managers to establish genuine connections with candidates. By showing a human touch in their interactions, recruiters can build trust and rapport with candidates. The result? Positive experience for everyone. By building solid relationships one day, the hiring process is not only smoother, but so is onboarding. Furthermore, personalising the recruitment process can enhance candidate interest in the job opportunity. By tailoring communication, providing timely feedback, and showing genuine interest in candidates’ career aspirations, recruiters can keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the hiring process.

Adding a personal touch will differentiate the employer brand in the competitive manufacturing job market. Candidates are more likely to remember and have a positive impression of organisations that treat them as individuals and provide a personalised experience during recruitment.

These positive experiences can lead to candidates reapplying for future opportunities, recommending the company to others, and becoming potential brand advocates. It’s a no-brainer for us!

How Can The Personal Touch Be Added During The Hiring Process?

Do you want to add a personal feel to your manufacturing hiring campaigns? If you are nodding at the screen, you will be thrilled to know we’ve made this possible!

One of the reasons that many companies avoid this touch is because it can take time. Afterall, until a candidate is chosen as the hire, time is money which means lots of resources can be spent on employees who are just not a good fit. We believe the best way to achieve this is via automations and managing hiring campaigns digitally in one place. 

Check out the following features and tips for how we make it possible to show that you care:

Automations For Quick Responses

Rapid responses from hiring managers are important for several reasons. In today’s competitive manufacturing job market, a prompt application response time is crucial. Candidates expect a quick feedback loop from companies, and a slow response can lead to them losing interest or seeking opportunities elsewhere. Furthermore, quick responses help to maintain candidate engagement. Regular communication and timely feedback show candidates they are being considered seriously and keep them invested in the opportunity.

Our automation workflows are perfect to use as they enable campaigns to be configured to provide a quality experience for every candidate. This can also be used to automate candidate screening and other aspects of the hiring process, which keep things moving quickly.

Incorporate Branding And Culture

If a candidate feels like they are getting to know your company, a personal connection will be established. Also, aspects like adding branding into listings on both career sites and across multiple job board advertising shows that a business has taken time to edit their ads. 

However, the reality of this is that time doesn’t have to be spent each time to create a stand-out presence. By using our job templates, hiring managers can conjure an ad once and simply then update the messaging when needed.

Planned Out Communications

Candidate communications are vital for adding a personal touch. Something as simple as a thank-you email or SMS updating their status is a great way to start building that connection. 

Effective communication allows for timely feedback to be provided to candidates. Whether it’s about their application status or interview performance, feedback can also help candidates improve and also maintain a positive impression of the company. 

Our communications can be configured to automatically send once milestones are triggered to ensure that hiring is able to take place 24/7

Professionally Written Adverts

Including personality in a job advert is also an important part of building connections with manufacturing candidates.

It helps attract candidates who align well with the company culture and values. When the advert includes information about the desired personality traits, it can also filter out unsuitable candidates. This is essential in manufacturing as many companies are competing for the same talent.

An effectively written job advert also allows candidates to self-select based on their own assessment of their fit with the job requirements. The result? A higher quality pool of applicants and reduced recruitment time. Our job copywriting services are perfect for this as they allow businesses to share their personality without having to put pen to paper!

Seamless Processes Such As Interview Scheduling

Another great way to add the personal touch to a hiring campaign is using automations to speed up tasks such as interview scheduling.

Automated interview scheduling eliminates the need for manual coordination between recruiters and candidates, saving valuable time for both parties. This adds a personal touch as candidates feel like they are getting a rapid and personal service from the recruiter when in reality the hiring manager doesn’t even need to be sat at their desk!

How Does occy Ensure The Personal Touch Is Added For Manufacturing Hiring Campaigns?

At occy, our features are designed to make hiring more successful. In today’s competitive manufacturing industry, this goes beyond simply producing a job advert and hoping for the best. Instead, by using a series of automated and digital tools, recruiters can immerse candidates into a quality experience which is superior to what competitors are able to offer. 

By using a cocktail of the features we have listed above, manufacturing hiring campaigns are guaranteed to improve. To learn more, book a demo now.

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