How Can You Improve the Quality of Security Hire Candidates?

How Can You Improve the Quality of Security Hire Candidates?

Do you frequently find that security hires for your company are off the mark? Whether you are searching for event staff or permanent security professionals, we know that finding that golden hire can be a rocky road. Furthermore, with a shortage of more than 60,000 security officers wreaking havoc on hiring across the UK, hiring is more complex than ever before.

At occy, we believe that with some clever planning and support from software, companies can source the best talent in record time. Keep reading to learn how to improve your security hires’ quality using our system.

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Why Are Quality Hires Important in Security?

Quality hires are indispensable in security due to their specialised expertise and ability to reduce risk factors. This means that choosing the right professionals is essential, as without a perfect team fit, there could be a wide range of issues a company has to contend with. Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

  • Quality hires are more likely to pass any background checks easily and may even hold existing certifications. This saves time and money and means high-volume hiring can take place more easily. 
  • Security professionals must be flexible and willing to change shifts at short notice. This means candidate sourcing should cover availability.  With the right hires, you will have access to a reliable team of protective staff that can always protect a company. 
  • By the term quality hires, we also mean the communication and professional skills being showcased. Security professionals represent a business directly not just physically but also in terms of its morals. The best talent in this field understands the responsibility they have to look after a business as well as ensure it’s received in the best way. 
  • Quality hires also reflect a more cost-effective recruiting method. This means less training and onboarding checks are needed


Ultimately, quality hires play a crucial role in protecting valuable assets, making them essential assets in any security strategy.

Methods to Source Quality Security Professionals

1. Define Clear Job Requirements and Expectations

Before initiating the hiring process, it is essential to define clear job requirements and expectations for the security role. This can then be used to craft an accurate and appealing job description.  Clearly defining the job responsibilities and the desired technical and soft skills will help attract candidates who align with your organisation’s security needs and objectives.

2. Perfect The Interview Process

When evaluating security hire candidates, consider incorporating varied interview techniques into the selection process. These can add focus on past experiences and actions, providing valuable insight into a candidate’s problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and behavioural traits.

3. Prioritise Cultural Fit

While technical skills are crucial, soft skills and cultural fit are equally important when evaluating security hire candidates. Look for candidates who possess strong communication skills, adaptability, teamwork, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. This will mean a better chance of staff retention plus mean less time is needed for training during onboarding.

4. Streamline Background Checks

If you spend too much time on background checks, you risk losing candidates to competitors. Considering how scarce security professionals are, we are sure this isn’t something you want to deal with! By having a brief process to manage reference checks, quality professionals can be offered jobs before it’s too late.

Hire the Best Security Candidates with occy!

By implementing these strategies and using tools from our software, you can improve the quality of security hire candidates. With the right talent in place, your organisation will be better equipped to tackle security challenges plus see an overall improvement to future hiring campaigns.

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