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5 Steps to Attracting Candidates in Volume

One of the biggest headaches for recruiters is candidate attraction – especially in volume recruitment, where the number of candidates needed in a short time period can become daunting. That’s why we’ve created this guide with 5 clear steps to a bulletproof candidate attraction strategy.  

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What’s Inside?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candidate attraction means attracting and engaging with job seekers so that they’re interested enough to apply. If they’re interested enough, they may apply even when you don’t have vacancies.  

Many aspects go into candidate attraction, from the way you present your business’ culture, to how and where you advertise your roles.

A good candidate attraction strategy isn’t something you want to overlook. For recruiters that have high targets to hit, aggressive timelines, and ongoing demand for candidates, a poor candidate attraction strategy can really slow down the hiring process. Not to mention the increased costs of needing to constantly advertise roles. 

Volume recruitment is generally defined as recruiting for a high volume of roles or high volume of candidates, usually filling recurring roles year in, year out. Unlike general recruitment where it tends to focus on long-term singular positions, volume recruitment looks to fill the needs of companies who need a higher number of workers, often for shorter periods (take Christmas temps in the world of retail for example).  

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