Understand the performance of hiring campaigns with

Recruitment Analytics

occy recruitment analytics lets hiring managers monitor and assess the performance of a recruitment process easily

With in-depth job analysis such as cost and time per hire, we give you full visibility on spend for each job.

Who is this suitable for?

Recruiters and admin professionals who have a role to play in the hiring process.
Customers who are hiring for multiple roles and need a top-level view of overall performance or any issues.
Hiring managers that want to understand the expected timeframe and cost for bringing in new hires.

How does it work?

The occy analytics section includes six sections covering all data: a detailed overview, key metrics, jobs, campaigns, candidates, and DE&I. Information features can be tailored and modified to show only information that is key to a campaign, allowing each company to have a completely bespoke view of performance.
Simply filter to see your desired metrics, which will help you make real-time decisions that will improve hiring times.

Benefits of using occy Recruitment Analytics


All stakeholders involved internally with a hiring process can view current performance at any time.

Improve results

Analytics allow you to see what’s going well and areas that should be improved. By looking at this pragmatically, you can reactively change campaigns to ensure things are always dynamic.

No Skills Needed

Does data overwhelm you? Fear not, as you don’t have to be a technology pro to understand the information. The simple categories and filtering options allow anyone to access data they require.

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“Hiring is just relentless, and the support we have had has made our life so much easier. We can go out quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before and the way we hire is night and day. Without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Natalie Caine

Head of Recruitment, Whistl

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