Hire faster and smarter with

Automation Workflow

Automate various tasks at each stage of the recruitment process to make identifying the best candidates easier.

Complete personalisation allows you to add criteria for management of all phases, including interview scheduling, reference requests, and contract signatures, and even which stage your candidates go through – meaning the hiring process can be completely bespoke to your company’s needs. 

Who is this suitable for?

HR teams who need to ensure criteria and checks are being accounted for at every phase of the hiring process.
Small teams who do not have time to spend all hours in the day on administrative tasks.
Managers looking to hire high volume in a time-efficient way.

How does it work?

Automated hiring workflows are easily to allow bespoke processes when a new candidate enters a workflow. This includes sending SMS updates, automatically sharing pre-interview forms and managing reference requests when a shortlist is collated. All hiring managers have to do is monitor the results and spend time nurturing personal relationships with top talent choices.
These workflows can also be updated in real time to allow instant changes to the hiring strategy to take shape. With the admin side of things being managed, hiring managers can relax knowing their teams will be strengthened quickly!

Benefits of using occy Automation Workflow

Manage campaigns

Automated workflows, allowing multiple job adverts to be active and still managed by one person without any added stress.

Hire across sites

Do you operate across different offices? That’s not an issue for automated workflows as we allow communication to remain healthy no matter a stakeholder’s location.

Candidate experience

Effortlessly maintain regular contact with your candidates to retain applications and interest. Increased engagement improves candidate experience and the perception of your brand.

“Our time to hire has decreased as the system supports us in being more responsive to candidates.”

Emilie Lopes

UK&I HR Business Partner, Trescal

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