Reduce admin duties with

Automated Job Advertising

Hiring for the same position can lead to many hours being spent on managing applications and outreach efforts. The occy automated job advertising offers the perfect solution for high-volume hiring by allowing tasks to run without a hitch. 

Who is this suitable for?

Customers who require high-volume and regular hiring along with rapid fulfilment.
Customers who want to speed up the recruitment process, including interview setting, reference changes and paperwork completions.
Customers who are looking to hire more cost-effectively.

How does it work?

Automated job advertising from occy allows hiring pipelines to be turned into intelligent hiring systems in a matter of minutes.
Simply create your standout job advert, using our expert advice, and set up automations ideal for pushing candidates through the hiring process. This allows you to always eliminate unnecessary administration time plus increases the likelihood of top talent being secured.

Benefits of using occy Automated Job Advertising

Unbiased filtering

Setting up automation takes away the responsibility of decision-making, ensuring a fair choice is always made.

Reduce admin needs

Hiring milestones, such as interviews, are automatically managed so hiring managers can focus purely on the making a job offer.

Good response rate

Candidates want to feel in the loop. Automated job advertising allows constant updates to be provided 24/7 hiring at no extra cost to admin teams.

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“Using occy has freed up 30% of my time, and I haven’t even used all the features yet!”

Katie Maloney

Internal Recruiter,hcml

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