Automated Background Checks


Improve your quality of hire and avoid issues in the future.

If you want to ensure you’ve got the right candidate for the job, background checks are an essential part of the recruitment process. When you don’t carry out checks, you risk harming your business in the future. Occy takes the hassle out of conducting candidate background checks, automatically sending for the right checks at the click of a button.

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A more efficient screening process

You will be able to send for background checks automatically straight from your platform, meaning time your recruiters typically would spend doing this manually is drastically reduced. This naturally reduces your time-to-hire and leads to a better overall candidate experience, which means fewer drop offs, and more quality candidates!

Avoid making negligent hires

It can be easy to overlook background checks, but a negligent hire could put other employees or customers at risk. Negligent hiring damages can come at a great cost to your business, and impact your brand reputation, dissuading talent from applying with you in future.

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