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Automated reference checks allow information to be automatically collated so that hiring can take place faster.
In addition to allowing companies to hire successfully through major job boards, occy allows businesses to create bespoke career sites.
The job templates feature allows you to create a job advert that can be reused. This reduces the need to recreate adverts.
Killer questions and auto-declines to be easily added into the hiring process, saving you time on unsuitable applicants.
This service allows the same advert to be posted across the UK’s main job boards, improving visibility and reach.
This feature ensures that team members are never missed out of essential hiring campaign activities thanks to automatic notifications.
Video Profiling is an innovative approach to candidate assessment that enhances the hiring process.
With occy, you can easily send email and SMS messages via automated or manual distribution.
With occy, we make everything easy by offering a unique solution to manage hiring across different subsidiaries of a business.
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