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How do both ATS's compare?

Both occy and Teamtailor provide a suite of features which improve the hiring process for internal teams. Although both may seem similar, occy edges ahead when it comes to combining job advertising with automation, the job advertising feature allows for volume hiring with just a few clicks.

See why hiring managers choose occy over Teamtailor.

The top 4 reasons recruiters choose occy over Teamtailor


Whilst occy and Teamtailor both offer digital methods of improving workflow management, only occy provide Automated Job Advertising.

Automated job advertising from occy allows hiring pipelines to be turned into intelligent hiring systems in a matter of minutes. Simply create your standout job advert, using our expert advice, and set up automations ideal for pushing candidates through the hiring process.

Simple to configure
Allows busy teams to hire efficiently


This is a feature that both companies do well. It’s important to allow connectivity to the media to improve exposure and outreach.

Teamtailor and Occy provide options to create bespoke career sites that help attract top talent. This allows hiring managers to create branded content that is distributed to candidates with ease.

Exposure on essential hiring platforms
Easy to create and share


While Teamtailor offers an AI and pre-filled copywriting service, this only includes uniform content that anyone using the platform can access.

To ensure each job advert is unique to the hiring brand, occy provides a bespoke copywriting service. Fulfilled by an experienced in-house writer, this feature allows hiring companies to specify the job they wish to hire for with a bespoke ad being returned that is optimised from an SEO and candidate exposure perspective.

Unique ads which standout on job boards
Optimisation of content and keywords

Reporting Analytics

With occy, hiring managers can source detailed information which illustrates the success of a campaign, current progress and cost information. This allows informed edits to be made to campaigns which ensure the cost and time per hire remains effective.

The occy analytics feature includes six sections covering : a detailed overview, key metrics, jobs, campaigns, candidates, and DE&I. Information features can be tailored and modified to show only information that is key to a campaign, allowing each company to have a completely bespoke view of performance.

Customisable views
All stakeholders can view current performance

How to choose between occy and Teamtailor?

When deciding which recruitment software to go with, it’s important to keep in mind your specific use case and needs.

If your hiring process is straightforward and low volume, Teamtailor might be a better fit whereas if you’re looking for volume hiring with more customisable options, local customer support and advanced reporting analytics then occy might be a better fit.

If you’re still not sure which one is right for your recruitment needs, book a demo to see what the platform can do!

Occy vs Teamtailor

When it comes to implementing a hiring plan and onboarding your team, occy outperforms in all areas.  
Job Copywriting
This service gives you bespoke feedback on your job ads, with suggestions on how to optimise them further before posting.
Multiple Job Board Advertising
This service allows the same advert to be posted across the UK’s main job boards, improving visibility and reach.
Automated Job Advertising
The occy automated job advertising offers the perfect solution for high-volume hiring by allowing tasks to run without a hitch.
The DE&I forms allows a top-level view of candidate backgrounds to be collated, helping companies to create thriving company cultures.
Subsidiary Companies
With occy, we make everything easy by offering a unique solution to manage hiring across different subsidiaries of a business.
Job templates
The job templates feature allows you to create a job advert that can be reused. This reduces the need to recreate adverts.
Career Sites
In addition to allowing companies to hire successfully through major job boards, occy allows businesses to create bespoke career sites.
Killer Questions
Killer questions and auto-declines to be easily added into the hiring process, saving you time on unsuitable applicants.
Video Profiling
Video Profiling is an innovative approach to candidate assessment that enhances the hiring process.
Interview Scheduling
The Interview Scheduling feature from occy simplifies scheduling interviews with candidates by automating much of the process.
Background Checks
Background checks can also cause interruptions to the hiring process, especially when information is manually collected.
Rference Checks
Automated reference checks allow information to be automatically collated so that hiring can take place faster.
Offer Letters and E-Signing
Automated e-sign capabilities to facilitate quick contracts so talent is never lost.
Bringing successful candidates onboard with seamless information gathering and approvals.
Automation Workflow
With our automation workflow, you can automate tasks, allowing you to focus on identifying the top candidates.
Recruitment Analytics
With in-depth job analysis such as cost and time per hire, we give you full visibility on spend for each job.
Candidate Communications
With occy, you can easily send email and SMS messages via automated or manual distribution.
Staff Notifications
This feature ensures that team members are never missed out of essential hiring campaign activities thanks to automatic notifications.
Applicant Tracking
Follow the journey of applicants and pull detailed information to support their requests.
Internal Recruitment Only
Allow campaigns to be created for allowing existing staff to apply for new roles.
Employee Referral Programme
Allow teams to recommend suitable professionals and earn rewards in return.
Video Meeting Transcripts
Download a written dialogue from video communications.

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