occy vs Talos360

The Talos360 alternative

Why choose occy over Talos360?

Looking for Talos360 alternatives? Go with the hiring platform designed to tackle the challenges of repetitive, high-volume recruitment.

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The top 3 reasons recruiters choose occy over Talos360

Hiring Automation

Automation – built for volume recruiters

Talos360 is built to serve traditional, corporate recruiters. Their ATS isn’t ideal if you need to hire in volume throughout the year.

occy on the other hand was created specifically to help businesses with recurring recruitment needs, with tools to help you automate the repetitive tasks of hiring in volume.

Get more for your money

occy gives you access to plenty of job boards nationwide, which you can post for far less cost. And with our discounted media credits, just think about how much more your budget can get you…💸

We also offer a flexible platform pricing package depending on the size of your company, with no additional modules or upsells. You get what you pay for!

Hiring Statistics

Get ALL the hiring analytics you need

Not only do we also give you DE&I analytics, we offer a lot more. We’re one of the only hiring platforms out there that give you clear and accurate cost-per-hire, time-to-hire and fill rate data, along with job specific reporting as well! 

occy vs Talos360

You may find a platform out there that offers some of the things we do. But we’re not trying to cater to everyone. We know who our platform is for, and we know what it can do for recruiters with specific volume/recurring needs. That’s why occy is designed for them.

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