occy vs Fountain

The Fountain recruiting alternative

Why choose occy over Fountain?

Looking for Fountain recruiting alternatives? Go with the hiring platform that gives you cost-effective, reliable results over and over again. 

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The top 3 reasons recruiters choose occy over Fountain

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Our platform is kinder on your budget

Fountain is designed for teams hiring 1000+ employees a year. And with additional set-up, training and add-on fees, costs can start to multiply… quickly.

But occy gives volume recruiters of all shapes and sizes a better chance at success. Better yet, set-up and training is included as part of your subscription, as it should be 🙂

We help you automate without losing the human touch

occy helps recruiters stuck in repetitive hiring cycles with the power of automation. But that doesn’t mean we take over everything…

occy is simply an addition to your hiring team that does all the boring admin work for you (think sending emails, setting up interviews, posting jobs). This gives you back time to focus on the bits of recruitment that matter the most – relationship building and human interaction.

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We give you local support & expertise

Proper support from your hiring technology provider is non-negotiable. Our in-house Customer Support Team are always on-hand with local knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t.

Our long-standing relationships with UK job boards also means you get a lot more bang for your buck!

occy vs Fountain

When it comes to implementing a hiring plan and onboarding your team, occy outperforms in all areas.  

Candidate Sourcing
Advertise on free & premium job channels
Build your own career site
Job advert copywriting support
Recruitment Automation
Automated job campaigns
Smart candidate filtering
Integrated background checks
Integrated reference checks
Automated candidate communications
Customer Care
UK based team
Free onboarding

What you'll get in an occy demo

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