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Whistl is the UK’s leading logistics company, specialising in fulfilment, contact centres, mail, and parcel delivery management.

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How Whistl logistics hiring revolutionised

The Problem

Whistl needed to remedy the drop-off rates that were harming their hiring numbers. This was pivotal if they were to move away from relying on external agencies and begin hiring directly. 

As a Logistics company, HGV drivers make up a significant part of their recruitment needs and through an agency, Whistl were spending close to £10,000 per driver.  

Whistl’s recruitment strategy for drivers involved putting out a Job Ad, which was then looked at by a hiring manager individually when time allowed. But that was often slow, creating a vicious cycle that contributed to the growing candidate drop-off rates they were facing


Whistl requires a network of around 340 drivers to operate smoothly. Needing to lower their cost-per-hire, improve their retention rate, and feel the pressure to demonstrate improved recruitment spend, they knew something had to be done. 

They needed to re-think & restructure how they hired, including the language they used, which our Customer Success team helped them do, both internally and externally. With professional copywritten job ad support, they were able to target multiple job boards and more importantly use the in-built ATS system to react faster to applicants to get them through to hire. They now have a current network of 340 drivers.  

In collaboration with our team of experts, they were able to build a pipeline of candidates and create a recruitment process that succeeded in reducing costs, whilst still hitting their recruitment objectives. 

“Hiring is just relentless, and the support we have had has made our life so much easier. We can go out quicker, cheaper, and easier than ever before and the way we hire is night and day. Without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Natalie Cain

Head of Recruitment at Whistl UK

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Use Cases

Reduce cost-per-hire, Improve overall hiring metrics


Considerable increase in volume of hires

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