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Health & Case Management (HCML) provides health solutions, case management, and injury rehabilitation and treatment services to private medical insurance businesses.

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How occy helped HCML save 30% of their time with recruitment automation

“We wanted a platform that could manage the whole recruitment process in a single place.”

The Problem

Our previous HR system wasn’t handling the recruitment process effectively enough. This meant we were doing most of our processes manually, using lots of spreadsheets, reminders, and administration.

We were managing multiple job boards, which meant our inboxes were overflowing with candidates and emails from different sources. We would then manually schedule interviews and screening actions, all of which took up a lot of time and resources.

We were also tracking costs and performance on spreadsheets.


HCML previously used a basic HR system unsuited to their hiring volume, meaning they avoided its use in favour of spreadsheets and manual processes. So although they were receiving a good volume of applications, they were unable to efficiently manage them and their hiring process was consuming a lot of time. 

occy’s straightforward design significantly reduced the time needed to manage each vacancy, and the suite of tools along with extensive customer support enabled much more effective candidate management.

The automation workflows and features tailored for volume hiring meant that occy was the ideal ATS and talent management system for a business like HCML who hire for a large number of roles each year.

“Using occy has freed up 30% of my time, and I haven’t even used all the features yet!”

Katie Maloney

Internal Recruiter at HCML

What made occy stand out over other companies you considered working with?

The fact that the platform is built specifically for volume hiring needs. The time-saving features offered were also the biggest attraction.

Really good and smooth.

The automation workflows have been a great way to keep candidates moving through the recruitment lifecycle, without the need to log in and manually update them. It’s saved us a lot of time at the front end.

The job copywriting has also been really helpful, as well as the analytics for our recruitment board reports.

I’m going on holiday next week, and the triggers mean it still works to keep candidates moving.

We plan to use more of the features offered as our Hiring Managers get more familiar with the platform.

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Favourite Features

Automated workflow, Job copywriting, Analytics


30% time saving with automated workflow

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