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Candidate Communication (Email, SMS)

Candidates will remain interested in a hiring process if they are kept informed. Something as simple as an acknowledgement message is enough to make a solid impression.

With occy, you can easily send email and SMS messages. This ensures the hiring process moves quickly, with everyone remaining up to date.

Who is this suitable for?

Hiring managers looking to reduce admin tasks and improve the candidate experience.
Businesses that foster a culture of transparent and honest communication.
High-volume hiring situations when there are many candidates to handle at once.

How does it work?

Adding the personal touch is essential. With the occy platform, communications can be pre-configured to send during a campaign, saving valuable time for busy hiring managers.
By accessing your settings and templates, a series of tailored and informative communications can be created. Our platform offers a range of standard email and SMS templates that can be easily customised or used as is.

Benefits of using occy Candidate Communication

Improve engagement

Keep candidates invested in the hiring process with targeted and timely communications throughout. This means securing talent is possible.

Strengthen brand image

Start to build relationships which reflect positively on a business. This leads to a healthy and transparent company culture.

Reduce errors

Having a strong communication process reduces the chance of misunderstandings, which can wreak havoc within the recruitment process. 

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“Hiring is just relentless, and the support we have had has made our life so much easier. We can go out quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before and the way we hire is night and day. Without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Natalie Caine

Head of Recruitment, Whistl

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