Building Relationships with Candidates When Hiring in Volume

Building Relationships with Candidates When Hiring in Volume

Hiring in volume means truly connecting with candidates can be more of a challenge. Here we cover tips for building relationships with candidates and the benefits of doing this.  


In the ever-changing landscape of recruitment, the ability to build meaningful connections with potential candidates is so important for recruiters. It’s not just about filling open positions; it’s about forging long lasting relationships that will streamline the recruitment process and secure top-tier talent in the future. 


Currently, candidates have an excess of options, making it imperative for recruiters to go beyond the ordinary and foster genuine connections that attract and retain exceptional individuals. 


This can be especially difficult when hiring in volume. How can you build strong relationships with candidates when you’re receiving 100’s, if not 1000’s of job applications?  

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Understanding the Importance of Candidate Relationships 

Firstly, it’s important to understand why building strong relationships with candidates is important: 


It attracts the best candidates:  

Candidates are more likely to be interested in working for a company where they feel valued and respected. By building relationships with applicants, you can create a positive impression of your company and its culture, which can make it more likely that top talent will apply for open positions. 

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It increases candidate engagement:  

Candidates who feel a connection with you as a recruiter and your company, are more likely to be engaged in the hiring process. This means that they are more likely to respond to your emails, pick up your calls, attend interviews, and consider job offers seriously. 


It improves the candidate experience:  

A positive candidate experience can lead to a number of benefits, including higher offer acceptance rates, increased employee satisfaction, and reduced turnover. By building relationships with candidates, you can help to create a positive experience for everyone involved in the recruitment process. 


It creates a pipeline of qualified candidates:  

When you have a strong network of candidates, you have a wider pool of talent to draw from when open positions become available. This can be a huge time saver and it will also help to ensure that you find the best candidates for the job. 


It boosts your reputation:  

Recruiters who are known for building strong relationships with candidates will build a positive reputation for themselves. In the long term, this will lead to more referrals and better networking opportunities. Many jobs are no longer ‘Job’s for life’, with the average worker changing roles every 4 years, so continuing to build strong relationships with candidates will future proof your career. 


Strategies to Build Relationships with Candidates 

Building strong relationships with candidates is going to make attracting talent easier, it will improve candidate engagement and the overall experience, improve your pipeline and build a reputation for yourself and your company.  

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But it can be difficult when hiring in volume. With so many candidates to manage, it can be challenging to find the time to build meaningful relationships.  


Here are a few tips you can apply to your hiring strategy:  


Use technology to your advantage 

Recruitment platforms can help you automate tasks and streamline the entire recruitment process. This can free up a lot of admin time, so you can focus on the human elements of recruitment; building relationships with candidates. 


For example; when a candidate applies for a role at your company, you can set up automated emails to thank them for their application and provide additional information about your company culture and the next steps in the hiring process. Or, following the interview process and when you’ve selected candidates to hire, you can automate reference requests and follow-ups to ensure they’re completed. 


These are just two examples of using automation in the hiring process, for a more in-depth look, take a look at our blog: 


Personalise communication whenever possible 

Even when hiring in volume, it’s important to personalise communication with candidates whenever possible. This could involve sending emails, scheduling one-to-one calls, or even recording video messages. 


Personalisation shows candidates that you are interested in them as individuals and that you’re not just treating them as numbers. It also helps to build rapport and trust, which is essential for building long term relationships. 


Be transparent and honest 

Candidates appreciate honesty and transparency. Be upfront with candidates about the recruitment process, the job they are applying for, and the company’s culture. 


This will help candidates to make informed decisions about whether or not to pursue the job opportunity.  


Be responsive 

Respond to candidates’ inquiries promptly and professionally. This shows that you value their time and that you’re interested in them as a candidate. As you’re hiring in volume, set up email automations so you can communicate and respond to candidates as quickly as possible. 


If candidates feel like they’re not kept up to date about the status of their application, they’re more likely to lose interest in the role. 87.5% of candidates said ‘communication issues’ were the main reason they dropped out of an application process. 


Provide feedback 

Give candidates feedback on their applications and interviews. This helps them to improve their chances of success in the future and it shows that you care about their development. When providing feedback, be specific and constructive. Avoid providing generic feedback or feedback that could be interpreted as negative. 


Some recruitment platforms will provide the function of templates, which can be super handy when giving feedback, especially for hiring in volume. To save time, create a master feedback email that you can bespoke for any applicants that are unsuccessful after the interview stage. 



In high-volume hiring, it’s essential to balance efficiency with a personalised touch. Building candidate relationships at scale requires a combination of technology, clear communication, and a commitment to providing value throughout the candidate journey. By implementing these strategies, you can successfully navigate large-scale recruitment while ensuring candidates feel valued and respected. 


Is it time for you to start considering a new recruitment platform? Or if your contract is ending on your current recruitment software, take a look at occy. We’re a platform for volume recruiters who feel like recruitment used to be all about the people. We give recruiters a technological hiring partner that takes away all the relentless admin and repetition of the job, so recruiters can get back to the human side of hiring again.  


Candidate relationships are just one part of the talent attraction process. Download our eBook: 5 Steps to Attracting Candidates for more tips and tricks!  

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