5 Ways to Use Hiring Automation

5 Ways to Use Hiring Automation

Should you be using automation your recruitment? This blog gives you everything you need to know about hiring automation, and where you can get started. 


Hiring automation has almost become a buzzword in the recruitment industry. This isn’t surprising, as over 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies now use applicant tracking systems to ensure their hiring processes run smoothly.


Once upon a time, HR teams spent as long as 28 days hiring a new employee. That’s a length of time that simply won’t work in today’s market, with candidates being snatched up in record time thanks to intelligent hiring systems.


Recruitment automation helps companies ‘work smarter, not harder’ by giving them the tools they need to secure candidates in competitive markets.


So, what exactly is hiring automation, and how can you start using it in your business? Keep reading to find out more.


What is hiring automation?

Hiring automation helps companies streamline the employment process and bring in talent much quicker than ever before.


It involves adding digital workflows into various points of the recruitment process, with the end goal being to fill positions quicker.


At least 75% of hiring managers have adopted automation into their hiring process, as it increases efficiency, and saves recruiters money and time.

The benefits of hiring automation

Hiring can be a lengthy and manual process which takes up a lot of time and energy. By automating tasks and workflows, companies can accelerate candidate placement and make quick yet informed decisions.


Hiring automation is particularly useful within high-volume recruitment, as it allows large numbers of candidates to be dealt with rapidly.


Within industries that need to hire often (like security, hospitality, and warehousing) other benefits of using automation include:

  • Improved quality of hire: automation can decrease any recruiter mistakes or bias, so candidates are more likely to match to your criteria.


  • Enhanced candidate experience: a faster hiring process is a better one for candidates. By speeding up your process, you improve chances of securing candidates and avoiding drop offs.


  • Lower costs: automating time-consuming tasks means lower costs, as your recruiters can spend more time using their skills and experience to bring value to your business.


  • More time: When your recruiters are spending less time on repetitive manual admin, they have more capacity to connect with candidates on a more personal level. This improves your overall employer brand.

How to automate your recruitment

You can use automation in numerous areas throughout your hiring process. Here we focus on 5 key ways you can start using automation.


Job Advertising

This is the first experience that a candidate has of your company, so the advertisement must be just right to grab attention and stand out.


Automation of the advertising process consists of creating digitally optimised adverts that are placed directly where your ideal candidates will see them.


Take a job-listing website like Indeed, for example. As the number one source of online job advertising, there are more than 3 million companies who use the service!


When you harness the power of automated recruitment, this competition doesn’t need to intimidate you, as a balance of skilled copywriting, algorithm know-how and keyword harnessing means you will still receive high results to your advertisements.


Candidates want to know about a role, understand the company, and have their questions answered within a job description, which the elevated features of automated hiring can ensure.


Applicant Sorting and Monitoring

Once you’ve secured applications, automation software can fairly pick out the best applicants and put them at the top of your list.


When processed manually, hiring managers only spend around six seconds looking at a CV which means there is a high chance of quality people slipping through the net.


By automating the process, you can identify the most suitable applicants and start the process for interviewing before they’re snapped up by anyone else.


Candidate Assessments

Using tests to assess the suitability of a candidate is a common way to further vet them before interviews take place.


With automation software, you can incorporate these tests seamlessly and have a clear view of all results.


This data can then be stored on the candidate’s HR file. If they’re hired, it can used to form their training records helping with wellbeing and development.


Interview Management and Follow Ups

When you’re happy with the candidates that you want to take the next stage, automation software can manage the interview admin process.


Removing the need for HR professionals and hiring managers to spend lots of time manually setting up meetings, automation can ensure a time is booked in when most suitable for everyone involved.


This also enhances communication and in turn employee experience, so the candidate is given a good impression of the hiring company.


Pre-hiring Checks and Onboarding

Once candidates are selected, pre-hire checks and company onboarding can be managed seamlessly with automation software.


The data-safe process means that all information is already obtained, taking away the lengthy process of gathering candidate information.

Recruitment automation software

There are many areas of your hiring process that could be automated, and using an automated recruitment software that centralises this is incredibly useful. 


A recruitment software like occy will advertise jobs, sort, monitor, and assess applicants, manage interviews, and more – all from one end-to-end platform.


Leaving all the robotic, repeatable hiring admin work up to an automated software will ultimately free up your recruiters’ time and accelerate your hiring! 


How does automation improve employee experience?

78% of candidates believe that the experience they receive during the recruitment process is indicative of how a company treats is employees. This highlights just how important it is to get the hiring process right if you want to secure top talent.

Automated hiring allows employee experience to be placed at the centre of everything, with the main purpose being to provide a streamlined and elevated hiring practice that represents the efficiency of the company.

Automated recruitment helps companies achieve a positive candidate experience in the following ways:

  • Simple to use application software which is catered to all skill levels and different devices.

  • Automated responses and updates to keep candidates informed. These can be adapted to the tone of voice which best suits your brand to ensure continuity from the very first stages of communication.

  • Workflow processing which allows screening, interview requests, and feedback to be shared in a timely manner.

  • Integrated information sharing to ensure candidates are given information about the company.

  • Data storage to allow for simple onboarding and to eliminate the need of asking for the same piece of information more than once. This makes companies look more professional and means the candidate has a stress-free experience.

To conclude

So there you have it. Automation has so many benefits that the modern recruiter can’t afford to overlook! But – it’s still important to keep that human element throughout your process.


Discover how to balance automation and humanisation throughout your hiring process by downloading our eBook on this topic!

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