The Perfect Solution for Care Recruiters: occy & Redcrier partnership announcement

The Perfect Solution for Care Recruiters: occy & Redcrier partnership announcement

occy and Redcrier have partnered up to give care businesses everything they need to improve their recruitment and effectively retain staff.


Plenty of care recruiters we speak to experience the same problems over and over.


Struggles to recruit staff, too much time spent filtering through unqualified candidates, the list goes on.


And when they do manage to attract staff, many face retention issues, with new starters leaving within their first year of employment.


At occy, we offer a solution to the hiring challenges care recruiters face. An end-to-end recruitment platform designed to take away all the time-consuming admin and make your recruitment faster and easier.  


We give you one platform where you can reliably source candidates, free up recruiter time, and get better results – lowering your cost-per-hire, time-per-hire, and increasing your fill rates (with the reporting functions to prove it!).  


But even with all that taken care of – it’s only the beginning.


Whilst a good recruitment system can get staff into your business – there’s no guarantee they’ll stay in the job.


For that to happen, care employers need to be able to give staff the training and skills they need to succeed.

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To that end, we’ve partnered with Redcrier Training Solutions, a family-run business and one of the leading care training providers in the country.


Redcrier help businesses train staff working with vulnerable adults, elderly people, and those with learning disabilities and complex health needs.


Not only that, but they’re also able to deliver this training in-person or via video, and are one of the few care training providers that offer paper-based training courses.


Working in partnership, occy and Redcrier can offer care businesses a solution for easier, faster, low-cost hiring over and over again. A solution for onboarding new hires and giving them the necessary training to succeed.


A solution—that’s perfect for care recruitment.


If you’re interested in working with us to improve your recruitment and staff retention, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you! 

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