Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

When we started Smart Recruit Online (SRO) in 2011, we were simply a candidate attraction service offering online job advertising. Our Applicant Tracking Software launched in 2016, and for years, we helped some of the biggest companies lower their cost-per-hire and time-to-hire.


We started to hear “volume hiring feels like a numbers game” time and time again from our customers. And whilst we agree, numbers and results do matter, we believe the job of a volume recruiter shouldn’t be just about that.  


We needed to redefine what volume recruitment actually meant.


Volume recruitment is generally defined as recruiting for a high volume of roles or high volume of candidates, usually filling recurring roles year in, year out. 

But there’s more to it than that.

Underneath the surface, recruiters are drowning in repetitive admin, with no time to focus on the part of their job they really love best – the human element.

To humanise volume recruitment, we needed to approach the problem differently; reimagining, rethinking, and rebuilding SRO from the ground up.

With this in mind, your personal hiring bot, occy, was born.

occy integrates and acts as a member of your team, elevating the recruiters’ experience so you can focus on the things that can’t be automated – valuable human interaction. 


We’re one of the only recruitment technology companies with a truly end-to-end recruitment platform that takes in every stage of the hiring process, from copywriting job ads through to onboarding. 


With occy, you’ll have a recruitment partner that is friendly and approachable, straightforward, simple and smart.  


We work with several different industry sectors, putting the occy platform in the hands of businesses seeking the right candidates for the lowest cost and fastest time. occy is the perfect recruitment partner designed to solve your biggest challenges… 


occy’s on it to reimagine volume hiring – one job, one business, and one step at a time. 


And we can’t wait for you to join us on that journey. 


Greg Dorban

occy CEO

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