10 Reasons Why it’s Time to Change your ATS System

10 Reasons Why it’s Time to Change your ATS System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) should provide a centralised platform that helps recruiters and hiring managers to streamline and enhance the hiring process. However, we live in a world where software quickly becomes outdated and new platforms are constantly being introduced offering new features and promising more efficiency.


If your current contract is coming to an end, you might be finding it difficult to decide whether to stick with your current provider or move to a new one. You may find that your current ATS just doesn’t fulfil your needs anymore. So, how do you know if it’s time to switch to a new ATS system?  

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Outdated Technology 

If your current ATS is outdated and lacks modern features, it can hinder efficiency and productivity. An ATS should keep pace with evolving recruitment technology to streamline processes and stay competitive. 


Consider looking for a platform that regularly releases new features that allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. If you’re using a platform that constantly stays ahead of the curve, there will be less of a need to switch whenever your contract may end. 



If your ATS is not user-friendly or difficult to navigate, it can lead to frustration among your team and other hiring managers. A more intuitive system can improve adoption and user satisfaction. 


Always ask for an in-depth demo before you move onto your next recruitment platform.  


Limited Customisation

You may find your current ATS lacks the flexibility to adapt to your unique workflow and requirements. Switching to a system with strong customisation options can better align with your needs. 


As you know, background checks need to be carried out at specific times and contracts signed by specific dates, each is different for every candidate / job role. Having the functionality to customise when these tasks are automated and carried out provides you with the flexibility needed to really make your hiring process as efficient as possible.


Integration Capabilities 

An ATS that doesn’t integrate seamlessly with other HR or recruiting tools can create data inefficiencies. You should consider a system that supports integrations with other software to streamline processes. 


Being able to connect to other tools, such as job boards or personal calendars to help schedule interviews, is such a big help when streamlining your process, helping you to reduce valuable time in your admin processes. 


Candidate Experience 

An ATS that provides a poor candidate experience can deter top talent from applying to your roles. Effective communication is crucial, but hard to keep on top of in high-volume roles. 

With occy, you can set up automated communications where and when you need them. Application acknowledgements, screening requests, interview calendar invites or even contract e-signing – keep the line open with every candidate without a second thought. 


With features like mobile optimisation, easy application processes, and automated communication, you will be able to create a great first impression of your company through the application process. 


Cost Efficiency 

The cost of maintaining and using an ATS can be a significant factor. If you find your current system is too expensive for the value it provides, you might want to consider switching to a more cost-effective option. 


Alternatively, paying a little extra for a recruitment platform that will improve your hiring process and reduce precious admin time will pay for itself in no time. We’ve seen first-hand how cost effective an ATS can be for a company… 



If your company is growing rapidly or has fluctuating hiring needs, you may need an ATS that can scale with you. An ATS that can handle increased workload and hiring volume is essential.  


occy was created specifically to help recruiters and hiring managers hire in volume and scale with your business. One of our most popular features is automated recurring job campaigns. If you know you’re going to need to hire for the same role this month, and the next, and the next after that… save yourself the time and effort of doing it from scratch and advertise your roles when you need them. 


Support and Training 

Insufficient customer support and training can hinder the effective use of an ATS, so you may want to work with a company that offers better support resources and training programs. What does your on-going support look like with your current provider? Do you have regular account reviews and strategy meetings? Are you able to access FAQ’s and video tutorials to help with any issues you have? 


It’s particularly important to understand what the onboarding looks like when you choose a new recruitment platform. Not being able to interact with experts when you need it can drastically slow down the recruitment process. 


Did you know? occy provides free on-going support on optimising your hiring process. 


Reporting and Analytics 

In the era of data-driven decision-making, having an ATS that lacks reporting and analytics features can be a disadvantage. An ATS with advanced analytics capabilities can help recruiters make better-informed decisions. 

Understanding what recruitment metrics to measure might be overwhelming for you, but we’ve put together a blog that covers the top metrics you should focus on: Recruitment Metrics: Everything you need to know 


Competitive Advantage 

The functionality that modern recruitment software can provide recruiters and hiring managers can undoubtably provide a competitive advantage in attracting top talent. 


That’s why it’s so important to have a recruitment platform under your belt that’s really going to streamline your hiring process.  


When looking for a new platform, take into considering what you NEED from an ATS and what is desirable, there will probably be new features that weren’t around when you last did research to find your current platform. 


Is it time for you to start considering a new recruitment platform? Or if your contract is ending on your current recruitment software, take a look at occy. We’re a platform for volume recruiters who feel like recruitment used to be all about the people. We give recruiters a technological hiring partner that takes away all the relentless admin and repetition of the job, so recruiters can get back to the human side of hiring again. 

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